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party poker

The National Association of Music Manufacturers Show 2005.



This guy is playing a Stick.



So one of my friends was watching High-Q, or whatever that Canadian game show is called, the one with the teams made up of two high schools. At one point they played a musical selection and it just went on and on because no one knew what it was and finally one guy buzzed in and said

"Is it Zamfir, master of the pan flute?"
How can you not love a smart-ass?



There's a joke here, I just so do not want to even expend the brainial energy to find it.



There was a guitar salesman who had a booth at NAMM that was surrounded/engulfed by drum booths. He got the booth for a steal! No guitarists were going anywhere near his booth! Try my guitar-shaped drumsticks!



They've formed these pieces of metal into Iron Crosses so they're harder to hit. It's like a game. After testing them, Tim said "Why don't I just get my own piece of sheet metal?" It was a good question.



Maxtone, another small drum set. Sometimes I remembered to have Tim stick his leg into the photo so you at home could see just how spectacularly crazily small these drumsets were. Sometimes I did not remember.



So one of the exciting things about NAMM was that there were musicians playing everywhere and a group of them would get into a tight little jam and everyone was cool with it for the most part except here at Tycoon Percussion a woman ran out yelling, imploring everyone to stop touching the instruments. So remember that name if you don't actually want to purchase anything: Tycoon Percussion! Cardhouse uses Toca Sheila E Series Sheila E. Custom Pro Congas and Bongos including the 4711-3/4SEC w/Asian Oak Shell and matched bison skin heads



See that tiny green frog in the middle? You take a wooden stick and rub it on his back, and it makes a pleasing "chok chok chok" sound. If you go to Thailand, you can see millions of these frogs at the souvenir stands. There's an entire country somewhere churning these bad boys out, I know it.

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