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party poker

The National Association of Music Manufacturers Show 2005.



A young man who has won a Grammy® is displayed in photographic form at the Grammy® booth. The woman who was manning the Grammy® booth thought she knew Tim because of our badges for Company X and Tim was like "yeah, how's it going?" Tim won an Emmy® at the Grammy® booth that day for his fine acting, and I won the Pulitzer® for this paragraph. It was a good day of awards.



Tim indicated that this woman is Christina Aguilera. She cleans up pretty nicely. I am able to avoid her musical compositions with a minimum of fuss and muss.



Tim was interested in finding a cocktail drum set. These were made some years ago for drummers in cocktail bars when the stage was too small for a regular drum set. This is not a cocktail drum set -- I'll show you some in awhile -- but they are small.



This young girl was completely jamming and we were both mesmerized. Tim liked her because she was way technically competent but she wasn't showing off.



Congos. I mean, bongos. Congas.



Sheila E has her own line of congos. When I was a wee lad, I bought Sheila E's first album. They made them out of petroleum by-products back then, and you would play them by dragging a stick over it and then you YES I HAD A CRUSH ON HER SHUT UP!!!!



drumming guy



Jäger Girls Here Today! Jäger Girls Here Today! You got me, this was just about the only non-musical booth in the place. They were handing out little doots of something, but Tim told me Jägermeister tasted like shit, so I didn't get any.

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