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party poker

The National Association of Music Manufacturers Show 2005.

Saturday, January 22nd 2004.

Another day of NAMM.



Bird of Paradise, just outside the convention center. We will see some a little later in a fabric-based form.

I am officially plum tuckered out. I need to soak my feet, but the first booth we end up at provides relief for your voice.



Thayers sells lozenges for singers. Remember when Wanda Jackson drank that milk right before recording one of her hits, and she had problems growling etc in her awesome way and she couldn't do it again 'cause the record company was a cheapass? Well don't do that. Right now, as I write this, I am going to try one of the Thayers - Since 1847 - Natural Remedies Slippery Elm Original Lozenges -- "Nature's CHERRY Demulcent." Active ingredient: Elm bark. Mmmmmmmm. Just like mom used to boil. They are about the same size as tabs of Ecstasy, and I know that because I TOOK A LOT OF ECSTASY WHEN I WAS ABOUT SEVEN YEARS OLD. This is funny: "Children under 3 years of age: Consult a dentist or doctor." The only person I can think that would fall under that category is Jordy. Dude tore up his throat singing "Dur dur d'être bébé," let me tell you. This doesn't taste half bad. It's got a very woody flavor, and I'm not saying that as a joke. It's almost orthogonally adjacent to the coco-nut, and you know how I loves me the coco-nut. I'm going to save the other one and sell it to a college kid. But now, the real test: singing. OH MY GOD I'M SINGING HIGHER THAN DOGS YET LOWER THAN MARIAH CAREY IT'S A MIRACLE





This is where Tim tried out some drum software packages and while I was sitting there doodling on my face with a Sharpei® one of the other booth guys came up and looked at my badge and said "So what do you do at Company X?" And I said "Not much." And he said "Tell me about it. That's sweet when you get that set up." It was like a sitcom.

Then we went to the Ilio booth and we all had a good chat and I mentioned something about wanting to get a second Steinberg tchotchke for the girlfriend because that first tchotchke was MINE and we agreed it would be difficult because they had the same person handing out the tchotchkes as yesterday and the nice Ilio person Rosa C. gave me hers. That's service. Ilio service.



Apple booth. Apparently there are other musical studio software products on the market and you buy them and you get squat with them so many third-party companies sprung up to provide filters and plug-ins and the like and now Apple is providing tons of that stuff along with the program itself so perhaps there will be a "shake out" or perhaps not and I seriously don't want to get any email about any of this.





Flavorseeds ... I mean Flavoreeds ... taste the music! TASTE IT



This is my favorite photo. I took the photos of my wife and kids out of my photo cube at work and replaced it with the tubas. Wait a second ... I don't have a photo cube at work! Wait a second, I don't work! Wait a second, I don't have a wife nor kids! Wait a second ... those aren't tubas!

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