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party poker

The National Association of Music Manufacturers Show 2005.



One Jäger Girl wears her baseball cap sideways, which I think is from the November 2002 - April 2003 era. As we go to press, people now wear two caps on each of their elbows ... for a total of four.



One large booth (Ernie Ball) that sold guitar strings naturally had motorcycles and gas pumps displayed.



And this guy. It's the fuzz! Sorry. Usually I hate puns, but there it is. I don't know what was going on with the Ernie Ball people, it was like they were trying to be anti-authoritarian and authoritarian at the same time. Yeah, you can rock out with our strings, but obey the law at all times. "Me and my friggin' dual nature ..."



These are digital hand bells. Tim told me that hand-bellers have their own little tight insular culture and perform ritual sacrifice, so I hustled past them right quickly being careful not to make eye contact.



Daisy Rock Guitars, "the world's first and only company successfully supplying and marketing pro-quality guitars for females." Who plays Daisy? Rachel Trachtenburg! Wanda Jackson! Paul Leary! Jane Wiedlin! John Flansburgh! Other people I don't recognize! Their promo catalog is designed quite nicely as well and is available as a PDF.



Goldfish guitar. How many times have you wanted to rock out and not be paid a promotional fee by the good people at Pepperidge Farms? Now you can answer that question in the following manner: "zero." But I'll tell you, that li'l fish with the sunglasses looks totally cool, man. When is cool going to be over???



Aramark "served" the people who came to NAMM and Aramark was your only selection. I had a substance somewhat resembling a turkey sandwich and my friend ate his $1.50 apple while we sat at a table that look like it hadn't been cleaned all day with a pasty businessman and a semi-rastafarian and we all came together over the amazing shittiness of this lowest-bid food service company. I saw a small child sitting down in the Aramark cafeteria wearing a giant pair of headphones, but that didn't protect him from the wrath of Aramark. "You're trapped like animals. Aramark." That's their slogan, I swear this to be true.



Frank Kozik guitar picks. That bunny is smoking.

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