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party poker

The National Association of Music Manufacturers Show 2005.



A metronome vendor covers his ears as he is slowly driven insane by hundreds of perfectly-timed little clicks.



This is a guitar that is wrong. It is called the Flipout. You know who would be all over one of these things? That guy from Cheap Trick. Yeah, I got your number, Cheap Trick guy.



Tim took a shot at playing one of these babies and by all accounts, he rocked out. But backward.



This three-piece "junior" drum set w/cymbal is going to set you back 45 big ones, my friend. Now what do I have to do close this deal? I've got three wives and a starving child out there somewhere. Don't make me throw in the drum sticks for free! Don't you make me! Okay. It is done.



I suppose that is a common bass that I've never seen. That's why I didn't start foaming at the mouth going "hey crazybass" and such.



These guitars on display at Grizzly Industrial are valued at 250000USD each at time of market close. The music sounds much better on these guitars, but they will always be behind glass cases. The music becomes a "medium" for rich people to waggle ostentatious, completely non-usable items in our faces. "This toilet paper is made of 18-karat gold and has its own alarm system including security guard. Now on display at The Trump 29 Casino." We zoomed by the Trump 29 on the way to NAMM, it's in the middle of nowhere (right off I-10 in Coachella) and it looked like no one was there -- which I suppose sort of contributed in some small way to the bankruptcy filing in 2004. [Update: It's now the "Spotlight 29" Casino, seems like part of the commute these days. Still don't know what the "29" is all about] There's also a Trump Casino in the megalopolis also known as Gary, Indiana. Which I suppose sort of ...



I was ready to chat up this guy about how even though I didn't own any furniture I was totally ready for the Grizzly Variable Speed Buffing Machine experience but then he gave us some hi-quality hats after we asked so mission accomplished. This is now my standard trucker hat that I wear for that low-key effect. Additionally, it's a tough name, so it tells other truckers to back off because I'm a mean bear! Rarrrr!



This is a bear.

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