BurningMan is dead!

If you don't know what
BurningMan is, that's OK. Maybe you're better off. But this area will be irrelevant to you.

Read about the latest assaults & insults here.

New Feature - I will be periodically de-constructing the official BMan propaganda, 'JackRabbit Speaks'. First one is here. More to come.

Also, many people are pissed of at me for popping their balloon, or shouting that the emperor is NAKED. Read the hate-mail

There's a series of pranks carried out at BurningMan 99
What follows is a series of critiques and complaints about what BurningMan has become. Some were authored by me, others were emailed to cardhouse. Send yours!

Several of the lengthier rants are from a private mailing list. Most entries are anonymous, since some come from within the BM power-circle itself!

Short, easy-to-digest rants


Anonymous Rant 1


Anonymous Rant 2


Anonymous Rant 3


Anonymous Rant 4


Anonymous Rant 5


Anonymous Rant 6


Anonymous Rant 7


Anonymous Rant 8


Anonymous Rant 9


Anonymous Rant 10


There is also a lengthy exchange with BM power-broker Maid Marian, in which she demonstrates florid psychosis and deliberately misses every point I try to make- Click on the word
here for that. Again, if you haven't been to BM, this will not be entertaining.

Also, here is a disturbing
email from one of BM's gestapo, the Black Rock Rangers.

then there's the whole thing about the little rubber indians...

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