With so flippin' many people showing up, the number of entirely un-creative losers with the idea "Dude, if we get a generator and some scafolding and some big assed speakers and a bunch of E we can be the TechoPlaya Sound System! Everyone will think we're soooo cool!" My big wish is that they all realized, when competing with one another, decibel for decibel, that they were at the end of a big trend and not the beginning. But then I saw a lot of pacifiers, fur pants, and vaporub masks out there too - perhaps such folk are not concerned with the abyss of trendiness.
Here's my biggest beef about the ubiquitous sound-system camps: they mostly played fucking mix CDs. Don't ponder why I know that, m'kay? Rarely were there people actually spinning records, which would have been a creative contribution.
My point, tho, is that the overwhelming majority of folks see Burning Man as something you can just a)pay to get into

+ b) buy crap to display

= c) commodified credibility as hardcore.

Phooey on that.