Feel free to link to my ranty photo spread, m'kay?

Things that suck about Burning Man:

  • the big about-face from the original idea (no more than 5000 people, no advertising/PR, no licensing of BMWear(tm), no rules, no ninnyism, no offending the neighbors, no televising the revolution (see next), LEAVE NO TRACE, not for profit)
  • MTV, USNews, Newsweek, Time, Wired, ABC, NBC, CBS, every other freaking news service on the planet not just getting passes but being courted to spread the hype, such that -
  • too many fuckwads with no survival skills, creativity, commonfuckingsense, courtesy, social skills at fucking all, et cetera show up and are generally lame, but, hey: if they can pay... (I encountered so many people who came out with no water, no tent, no food, no anything except the gusto for the challenege of living off of other people. Some of them were brought up & paid for to join the lamplighters' brigade.)
  • the Portosan situation: when I buy my ticket to Burning Man, I feel I'm basically paying for a porta potty. The layout of the city, number of and servicing of said happy green boxes was abyssmal. It seems like the whole plot was designed to get people to piss/puke/whatever icky things humans do when they're drunk/sleepy/high/assholes behind other people's tents or just randomly in the street/on the playa.
  • Maid Marian is a power mad bitch, wielding the JRS list like an implement of torture. Whatever!

I go/went for two reasons: to be in that lovely desert, and to meet folks like yer bad selves. I skipped '97, when the locals made it clear they didn't want us around, and I'm not going next year (when it seems that BMORG will not be welcome).
Done ranting for the moment