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Date: Thursday, May 4, 2000

I'm amazed that everyone who goes to this "festival" somehow thinks they are counterculture and artistic. How artistic is it to flock together with a bunch of
poseurs for one weekend of the year, to dance in mime makeup and play bongos with lawyers and art
directors? How about displaying a little individuality and trying to think differently for the remainder of the year, rather than just for your one weekend of Burning Hippie.
Everyone who goes to this festival is an IDIOT looking for some excuse to label themselves something they are not. If you really want to rebel against societal constraints, join an outlaw biker gang, or move to South America and weave headresses for your commune of nudists.

Just please quit bothering the rest of the citizens with your pathetic "counterculture event" where 50,000 people dress alike and eat tofu, wear clown gear and take horse tranquilizers.

I can only hope that the braintrust behind Burning Man can continues to make money hand over fist by selling psuedo-hippies "a scene". Remember that every time you idiots buy a burning man tshirt, eat a burning man burrito, or buy your $200 ticket to stand in the middle of the desert, you're helping to contribute to a very rich man.

And after the event ends, you'll all go home, hungover and feeling like somehow you've proven to yourself that you're not like the rest of the sheep in the world. It's just too bad you have to flock with a group of poseurs to prove that to yourself.