The Burning Man Endowment for the Arts -- this is just shit that jacks up the ticket price. Okay, I liked SOME of the art there that was paid for by the ticket holders, for example:
$2000 for 1997's Ammonite Project But other self-serious overblown spectacles (the opera, the opera, the opera) suck to high heaven. Get rid of this entirely, bring the ticket price down. Barring this, publish a list of WHAT WE'RE PAYING FOR.
> porta-potty layout/number of porta-potties [bad] Agreed.
I'd love to see a more open channel of communication between what the BLM tells BMAN LLC and what BMAN LLC tells _us_ that the BLM told _them_.
My favorite rant: no wind-powered sail vehicles. We all know exactly where this rule came from - the sailing accident at Pepe's Tower - but time and time again, Burning Man LLC sees one instance of something bad happening and shuts it down completely (Tiki torch lights a camp on fire? No more tiki torches). One of the rangers indicated that he was telling someone that wind-powered sail vehicles wouldn't be allowed on the playa _unless they were decorated_.
Restrictive policies suck. Amorphous restrictive policies are inexcusable.