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20 Dec 2000- new snailmail address! It's all about ME. Now you can send me stuff besides email. Stupid junk, dangerous literature, detritus, whatever you think might amuse/inform/annoy me. If you feel you must submit something but can't think of anything, check the gimme-page.

Dr. Cliff

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Send in your crap now! Then it will be MY crap. yaaaay! crap.


01 Feb 1999- "Gallstones" is a new feature just for you, my legion of fans.  Subscribe to Gallstones and get a miscellaneous message from me every few days. Maybe an angry rant, maybe a funny story, there's just no way to predict what I'll send you.  Bear in mind, however, that it will follow the flavor of this whole site, so it may be profane, inflammatory, or in poor taste (if you're lucky).  You might get a couple gallstones a week! Wheeeeeee!
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