The whole 'BurningMan is DEAD' thing is scoring a lot of dimwit hate-mail. When someone chimes in with an intelligent counterpoint to make, I listen attentively. But when I get pointless, emotional shit like this, I just laugh because I know I've wounded someone with the dagger of truth. Here's some examples of the kind of shite I'm getting [most of it has been anonymous, the cowards].

Interesting point to ponder-

Most of the people who write in support of my criticisms, are able to use proper grammar. Most of these 'critics' of my view are functional illiterates, sending mail with comical misspellings and improper word usage. Their level of writing competency is displayed here in all its unaltered glory.

from <anonymous dipshit 1>:

Wow, you're nasty. I'm glad you're not my dentist.

[i'm glad you're not my patient. we're even.]

Your big criticism seemed to be that BM wanted volunteers to clean up the desert, while using the money to throw themselves a party.
Couln't you read the sentence where MM replied that the party didn't use any BM money?

[didn't you read the rest of what i wrote?]

Sheesh, what a loser.

[oh, no! please like me!]

And since you sneak in without paying, why don't you cart all your own feces out in plastic bags instead of using the potties the rest of us paid for?

[we're all grownups here; you can say poop or crap.]

What a jerk you are.

[What a sentence that's not. What're you, fucking Yoda?]

from jelliefishie [that's so CUTE!]

wow. your site sucks ass.

[thanks for the constructive input. please display YOUR online effort for comparison]

more brilliant dronery from Bob Perry.

I read your pages of stuff on Burning man and I have a question ... If you miss the point entirely about building a city and creating the enviroment there how can you even begin to comment on the management of that project ?

[um ,what?]

You sound like a spoiled little boy who is having a pseudo intellectual tantrum to hide his own guilt for not playing nicely with the other kids.

[oh, please don't call me names. it hurts my feelings.]

Nobody, Larry included, is holding a gun to our heads to play his game ... we want to play , and we (at least I seem to think of the greater portion of participants as "we") are willing to share some effort to make it possible to play the game.
Try running your own festival/whatever, and see who comes to help you, and how hard it is to satisfy everyone ...

[the... reverend... moon... has... saved... my... life... and... i... will... defend... him... to... the... DEATH!]

You really need a clue ...

[and you need to be de-programmed. the emperor is naked.]

from a grand poobah of dim-wittery, 'Reverend' Terry-

Well Dr. Cliff,
we have not been going to your site because we agree with what you say, quite the opposite in fact. We think you are a loon and have been getting a good laugh from it.
If you don't enjoy it, don't go, it's pretty simple. We don't need you spamming our list though, that's for sure.

[my *spam* was a single, polite, 5-line message!]

I for one do think that it is a "beatific communal performance-art event" to use your words, and don't feel the least bit milked by it. In fact I'm planning on attending for years to come, and can hardly wait to attend this years event. So please, do us all a favor and take your sour grapes someplace else.

[oh, they are HERE, in the muzzle of my mossberg...]

Rev. Terry

[ I too am a mail-order 'reverend'. I think it stopped being funny, interesting, or cool to address myself as such, around ten years ago.]

P.S. Don't bother responding to this, I won't read it.

[that's OK; it's right here for the rest of the world to see.]

P.P.S. I think I most of my group would agree with me but I don't claim to speak for them all.

[what a dumbass thing to say. be more nebulous, please.]

top-notch glabba-glab from anonymous dipshit 2:

The people who are effected by the BLM permit are the very people you expel
venom against for taking a personal interest in this poll and article. These
are the people who are effected!

[ i think he means A-ffected.]

On the other hand, there's folks like you: uninvolved. And your opinions are
incindiary and uninformed. Perhaps you can just go watch TV and leave us

[aw, did i hurt your feelings? perhaps you can get stoned and beat on a drum, and jerk yourself off about what a 'participant' you are.]

Dr. Cliff or what ever your name is your one fucked up guy and you have to much time on your hands. go ahead and put me on your shit list you fuck.

[exercise for the class- find all the grammar problems! unfortunately, mr doofus left off his email address, so i can't put him on the shitlist. please write back!]

funny crazy talk and third-grade grammar from another BMORG moonie-

i know what it is like to feel frustrated with bman, although if you have only been to a few burns, snuck in and spectated you haven't seen the whole picture... one of my old coaches used to tell me that if something doesn't hurt your [sic] doing it wrong... as a dentist i think you should understand that... i think you truely [sic] love bman and just feel ignored and are searching for some sadistic form of attention, it's up to you to get invovled [sic] , i guess this website is you [sic] manner of participating..
i wish you could redirect this anger in [sic] helping preserve the event rather then [sic] bagering [sic] it. you even state that you'll probally [sic] go again
.. remember nothing is free in this world, your patients probally [sic] know that.....

i must rest now. all this [sic]-ing has given me a cramp.

cutting remarks from an alleged surgeon-

Dude, you're a doof. So you don't like Burning Man, then go away.

[I already did. Or can't you read?]

Your adolescent "I'm smarter than anyone else!!" is truly tiresome.

[so, I'm about to toot my own horn for a minute...]

I'm a [sic] otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon, not a psychiatrist, but I know a few things, and I bet you have bipolar disorder. Might look into it. Meanwhile, the rest of us will go have BM200[sic]. Over and out.

[I wrote back and asked this esteemed doctor exactly what he DOES to participate at BMAN...]

I go, I meet people, old friends & new people, I get naked, I dress up, I drum, I dance, I party, I firebreath[sic] , I have done one opera, I Greet, I am a LNT rep, and mostly I go there for the miracle that 25000 people can make this thing happen so amazingly as it does.

[In other words, winky here is a fucking spectator!]

this load of shit HAS to be my new favorite- from the Reno Gazette message board concerning bmorg. I wrote this guy 'bolger' off-list to share my views, which are markedly different from his. He writes back-

What gives? did an "artists" run off with your girlfriend or run over your dog ?
take it on-line tough guy!

so I sez- "it IS online, ignoramus. my opinions of bman are hardly a secret, and i'm hardly alone with them. i just wanted to address you personally. thanks for your telling response."

he came back with THIS thoughtless attack, with some low-brow race-bait tossed in:

Why don't you just kill yourself already ?
I mean it's not like your life is really going anywhere.
"rode a cab in New York city"
"got drunk with strangers"

Wow cowboy, slow down.
But to each their own. I guess it's a lot easier take hate jabs on strangers online and stalk the Burning Man people than to create anything of merit on your own. Just another bored privlaged white fuck. Welcome to America.
and yeah, there are going to be typos in emails. you're not worth the spell-check.
"went to Burning Man twice and now want to stalk Marian" how charming.
It's not that we don't think your arguments might have merit, we just don't like you. We don't want to date you, we don't even like you as a friend, we don't want you to come to our parties and if you call again we will get a restraining order (bet that's not the first time you've heard those words Romeo)
Just another privlaged fucking white boy with a stupid flock of seagulls haircut, thinking that he's the Rollins of the online world 'cause he can't talk about anything other than his anger or grudges. Well you got to have something to get you through the day and keep you warm at night.
"been chassing skirts" ...yeah, big surprise.
Thanks for the flame bait, and the web page. I'll never get you Columbine kids. You're not in Vietnam, you're not working in a sweatshop overseas, you're not in Bosnia, you're a privliged WHITE boy living in America in the year 2000. Just by the dumb luck of being where you are right now you have it better off than 70 percent of the other people on this planet.
And all you can talk about is who pisses you off ("look I have a list and everything !")
Nice fucking life

I LOVE this! Ignorant persons are so threatened by a frank discussion, that their only defense is to spew blind hate. The novelty of someone so easily disarmed really never wears off.

This is the same guy who likened bmorg critics to 'nazis' and 'cross-burners' for daring to raise questions about the true value of burningman! What a fucking CLOWN.

My nicest 'hate-mail' yet, from Tom-

Love BM or hate it, It is what it is. Like everything, it grows and evolves or dies.
If the issues you are stating are bothering you, you might consider creating your own
party. I think most anyone can find fault with anything. You are obviously upset by the evolution.
I am glad that we live in a society where anyone can say whatever and not face the firing squad.
For one, even if the founders are getting rich and famous, I have a good time and the price is much less than a room in Reno, Vegas etc. Great fun for the money.
I admire you for your position, but if all the issues you bring up bother you, no one is
breaking your arm to participate.

Well-said, Tom. I agree. BUT, you also exemplify those for whom Bman is nothing more than a vacation, or a piece of entertainment. You are part of the reason I won't go again.

more funny crazy talk from a BMORG moonie-

What is it that you want to receive in return for attending Burningman???? i'm
sorry that everything must be so precise and accurate for you, if you understand
what i'm saying it doesn't matter how it's spelled out (very lame & republican

hmmph. i thought both parties were expected to be able to spell & write. My bad.

i was serious when i said i know what it is like to feel frustrated
with Bman---many of my ideas are being used this yr & no one is patting me on the
back-- i do feel the way you do at times, yet i was attempting to show you that i
can look beyond the BS, because i feel i receive something of intrinsic value
from the event, which far exceeds immediate gratification or short-term gains ---
it wasn't until the end of my first burn that i realized what an incredible
experience it was...

Picture Moonie at airport, explaining how it's no big deal to give your money & your life to Reverend Larry, considering what you get in return...

How can you be so preoccupied with this event if you dislike
it so much??? If it is so horrible why can't you move on???..... It's futile for
you to attempt to make me mad---

[because anger takes FOUR brain cells]

you'll never piss me off, there isn't a button
you could push that would make me become cynical and bitter as yourself. I
actually feel quite sad for you, you must be very lonely in this world, i do hope
you have loved ones somewhere...... take care & thank you for the many laughs &

More mock pity from sad, stoned sheep. I picture her looking like Laugh-In era Goldie Hawn, except ugly & dishevelled like a rave-stoner three days into a speed-n-x jag. I imagine she also cut the top of her head off & planted a sunflower in her cranial vault.

Steve blows the lid off my whole operation!

I believe that you either know not of what you speak. Or more likely are pushing buttons designed to elicit responses and create a cult following of your own. And very probably...You are Larry Harvey.

more to come as the hate mail pours in! stay tuned!

use yer browser 'Back' to get wherever you came from, or walk through the Front Door of this whole operation.