Little Rubber Indians have gone PUBLIC.
BurningMan is DEAD!

  This used to be the special, secret, little rubber Indian page.    
  People used to arrive here by following some printed instructions attached to a little rubber Indian that they got at BurningMan99. Now, anybody can bask in the splendor of LRIs..  
      Recipients of a little rubber Indian, were part of an elite group. Only 250 Indians were dispensed, and not to just anyone!
My goal was to have the recipients tell me what's going on with their little rubber indian. That's all the detail I provided- the rest was up to them.      

All incoming responses/pics/questions were posted on this page.


I distributed over 250 LRIs to BurningMan 'participants'. I got 14 responses from 12 different people. Simple sampling indeed, but the math implies that BurningMan99 had

26,656 spectators!


The little rubber Indian Project is proof that BurningMan is dead.That's okay.Other interesting things will surely take its place.


BurningMan is now a spectator event. I think a lot of people have been in denial over this for a few years.

    Just tell me what went so wrong with the BurningMan Art festival. And look around this site for more proof of its demise.
    Thanks for visiting the PUBLIC little rubber Indian page.  

On to the results...