An ominous email from a Balck Rock Ranger, in response to my announcement that BurningMan is DEAD.

burningman is not dead. but it sounds like your burningman is
dead. this event evolves; for some, not the way they would

[so, obviously, as long as someone somewhere digs it, i shouldn't complain?]

what's the criteria for judging whether burningman is dead?
the response ratio on your little rubber indian? i found mine
yesterday when cleaning out my glove compartment. i put it
in there hoping i'd get a bm'99 reminder sometime down the
road. i got what i wanted! and i'm participating! other
rubber indian recipients might have felt that any internet
experience, or post-black rock desert experience, is just not
their type of burningman participation.

[that's the point. to most attendees, 'participation' means getting fucked up and walking around naked. even the tiny effort of a short email is too much for them.]

i'm a black rock ranger. last year, i camped next to mostly
spectators. this year i camped next to young artists from
minnesota putting on quite an artistic costume show. it was
marvelous! this year's rave disco domes were so so much more
interactive and social than last year's. in ways, bm'99 was
more 'burningman' than the year before.

[that's like saying that '90210' has smarter scripts this year!]

is there a spectator problem? sure there is. we rangers get
a good sense of who is showing up. this year, the weekend
warriors had a pronouced showing. next year, larry harvey is
charging them ~$500 at the gate for their last minute fri/sat
leech decision.

[yes, of course. it is critical to profit. god forbid larry harvey should TAKE A STAND and close the gates over the weekend. no, he'll show those spectators! he'll overcharge. that means 2 things- there will still be weekend spectators, and larry gets more money.]

and i'm with larry when he says that the real new challenge
of burningman is to inculturate spectators and newbies; not
sit and sulk about the "good ol' burningman days". larry
challenges bm veterans to rethink 'their' participation,
their snobbery, and help train the spectators and newbies in
the spirit of participation and leave no trace.

[can you say, INDOCTRINATION? larry says, larry feels, this guy is a fucking cultist.]

[what larry MEANS is, if we can pressure the pissed-off old-timers into joining our ranks, we will have consumed the opposition.]

if art is the selective recreation of reality in order to
present a particular metaphysical view, then consider
recreating your veteran bm perpsective. it might be a nice
piece of artwork in and of itself!

[how about if i recreate your head with some shock therapy? you'll thank me later.]

unabashed sales pitch: consider becoming a BR ranger, and
explore the 'art of rangering'. we'll certainly need the
help. contact tell her ranger lefty
sent you.

[unabashed reality check- consider abandoning the sinking ship that is burningman. try to get your petty validation from other sources, perhaps the National Guard or Rev. Moon]

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