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X Magazine #5

X Magazine #5. Travel. November 1990.

The radioactive material described or contained herein is exempt from NRC or agreement state licensing requirements.

For research only. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use in humans or animals.

Replica weapons and knives or daggers will be removed at the security checkpoints.

Since we do not actually capture and milk the snakes or obtain the venom from bees and spiders ourselves, we must depend upon numerous individuals all around the world who have agreed to cooperate.

If you believe that your employer has not corrected violations involving radiological working conditions, you may request an inspection from the nearest NRC regional office.

Unless specifically indicated, this preparation is not necessarily anhydrous.

For irrigation only. Not for injection. Do not use unless solution is clear and seal intact.

Sterility is not guaranteed if the polyethylene bag has been perforated.

"Hi. Step right up to the feet. I will tell you how tall you are. You seem to be about six feet and one quarter inches tall. You're still there. I'll measure you again. You seem to be about eight feet seven and three quarter inches. Whoa! You're tall. The Celtics could use you." -- Automatic computerized measuring machine, Boston Children's Museum

Milk & Cheese: Vas Is Milk und Cheese?
Evan D.

Milk & Cheese: Home Shopping Network.
Evan D.

Bus Hell.
Mark S.

To Travel, to live, to dream, to die.
Jay R.

Pick Up Lines 2: Electrik Boog-A-Loo.
Brian R.

Interview: Bob Mould.
Joe V.

Interview: Nine Inch Nails.
Paul M.

Please Pass the Science: What's with all the waves?
Scott B.

Worship the X: The Wet-Nap.
Ray E.