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x magazine: the future of filler

x magazine was produced from march 1990 to may 1995. personnel injuries were low,
and i think everyone involved with the publication complied with the steel-toe boot requirement most of the time.

macros2000 magazine: what was that

macros2000 was produced from sometime 1993 to June 25 2002.
The first three "issues" were contained within issues of x magazine #11, #12, and #13.
it's a book now.

x mag staff car

was hailed at an airport and stopped by cops for random/idiotic reasons and then released
back into the wild -- which was amusing because in a very legal sense, the car was non-driveable.
while removing the top we had also removed the "b" pillars that held the shoulder bit of the safety belts

the headlight beams crossed, making an "x" of light on the road. like a reverse tucker

the cable theft detection unit sign was stolen from a car which did not detect the theft

was given away in a raffle to doc of deuce of clubs for a
cross-country road trip but nearly immediately threw a rod

X Mag Cab Co

commemorative coin, #1 of 1

business cards

i can't remember ever handing these to anyone. i used to get business cards from the
kroger's meat department, cross out everything, and write all the x magazine contact info over it.
all personal information has been removed because: people.

tibor kalman (rip) business card / in an interview tibor indicated M&Co had big, high-paying clients
so they could work with small, low-paying clients. i offered to not pay at all for a cover design,
which how we ended up with the cover for x#6. they also designed x#7's cover but we paid for photos/processing/shipping/etc.
very kind people dealing with us goofs.

topple those maples, jello (rip) / staff cat conducting research for x#6

other x magazines are shown below. x magazine is not a good name for a magazine.
another x magazine was about to go to press with issue #1;
they found out about us and changed their name to "future sex" /
i like to imagine in my fevered mind that some of these magazines are trying to hide the "x" with various design tactics.

these are good names for magazines. "get a horse, ya sucks!" [fx: shoots gun erratically at horseless carriage]
i put "xxx" on all my tools now because no one else would use that to mark their tools and also my tools are sexy/drunk

answer: birds. usually vultures. 10 points.

apparently at some point i re-made all the x covers for the online version because
the name was being switched to dryer, which never happened. "E" for effort. i have no memory of doing this.

special thank you to everyone involved in the publication. it was a strange fun time, yes?

i didn't want to be in your stupid library anyway
[fx: runs off crying]

isometric x mag car & relaxing daisy field photographs by joe vaughn