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X Magazine #4

X Magazine #4. The Issue About Two Issues Away From the Toss-Across Issue. September 1990.

Do not pack dangerous articles in your bags.

For purposes of complying with New Jersey Right To Know act - contents partially unknown.

For security and safety reasons only one piece of hand baggage, which must not be larger than 20" x 15" x 10" (50cm x 37cm x 25cm), will be allowed in the cabin.

Any unattended item could be instantly destroyed by the police.

Contains silver - sold for decoration purposes only. -- disclaimer for those little silver cupcake balls that you eat anyway

Please use the keyboard to choose a region. You have chosen the Middle East. Roll the ball then click on the button to choose your city. Your starting city is - Baghdad, Iraq. Roll the ball then click on the button to choose your destination. Your destination is Kuwait. Searching for the shortest route - please wait. Found the shortest route. Starting in Baghdad, go to Kuwait. Thank you for visiting the World Traveler. Now come inside to see the walk-through computer.

Neo-Plastic Highway Nightmare!
Paul C.

Assorted Reasons of Varying Depths.
Christian W.

Poetry That Lends Itself to Slamming.

Worship the X: Bubble Wrap.
Ray E.

Interview: The Origin.
Joe V.

Interview: Ultra Vivid Scene.
Joe V.

Interview: Meat Beat Manifesto.
Paul M.

Please Pass the Science: Explosive Action!!!
Scott B.