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X Magazine #10

X Magazine #10. Extremely Limited-Edition 2nd Anniversary Cook-out. June 1992.

"It is better to write for yourself and not have a public than to write for the public and not have a self." -- Cyril Connelly

"Real guns are intended to kill ... this is intended as a toy." -- Michigan State Senator Gil DiNello, NRA member, after introducing a bill banning "Super Soaker" squirt guns (Detroit Free Press)

"X survived for nearly three years, and ended with its seventh number...though optimistic about our prospects - after all, as someone remarked, we had won our first backer with nothing but a nimbus and a swift tongue - wherever we tried we drew a blank; and to tell the truth, we did not try very hard. If our efforts were lukewarm, it was not because we felt the job we had set out to do with X was anything like accomplished; it was because neither of us felt we could stand much more of the stress and pressure to which we were subjected ..." -- David Wright on X, a literary review (1959-1962) (An Anthology from X)

"Yes ... fuck off!" -- Annie Lennox, asked if she had anything to say to men who fantasized about her (Details)

Fisher-Price Theatre presents: The Lottery [81k]
Evan D.

Please Pass the Science: Glowing Pickles
Scott B.

The Ezra Pound Poem

Wagner's Hollywood