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X Magazine #6

X Magazine #6. Bowling. December 1990. Cover design: Scott Stowell, M&Co New York.

Management is not responsible for plastic balls.

A ball counts as a ball bowled but the pinfall is illegal and no score is made if pins rebound after hitting a human pinsetter.

Once registered, bowlers may not leave the bowling center.

No games may be rebowled under any circumstances.

To bowl in the 500 club tournament you MUST be a member of the National 500 club.

Ten pin over average rule does not apply.

Any person who violates any WIBC Tournament Rule is liable for supension and forfeits all entry fees and all rights to claim or hold any trophy or prize award in this tournament.

No resin or foreign substance will be allowed on lanes, approaches, or for use on a ball or bowlers' shoes.

The entrants whose names appear hereon on their authorized replacement hereby agree that the Massachusetts WBA, its officers and agents, shall be liable only to the extent of returning entry fees if and when these entrants shall be prevented from bowling any event in the tournament through delay, unexpected yet necessary schedule change, or premature termination of the tournament, which may be brought about by war, national emergency, or emergencies or causes relating thereto or resulting therefrom, fires, strikes, lockouts, labor difficulties or other causes beyond the control of the Massachusetts Women's Bowling Association.

Bowling Introduction.
Scott B.

An All-Too-Long History of Bowling.
Scott B./Mark S.

Please Pass the Science: Bowling.
Scott B.

The Flexible Belly Bowling Pin.
Steve G.

Bowling for Xmas: Bowling Toys.
Neal M./Laura M.

Milk & Cheese: Bowl-O-Rama [1 2]
Evan D.

Thirteen Hot Tips for Improving Your Bowling.
Mike C.

Interview: The Heartthrobs.
Joe V.

Interview: The Railway Children.
Joe V.

An Insider's Guide to the World of Bowling.
Michelle B.