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X Magazine #9

X Magazine #9. Noise. January 1992.

Noise proved to be an important stressing agent capable of causing disturbances in cardiovascular and psychotic subjects.

50% of the machines used in heavy industry may produce noise at levels that are potentially damaging to a worker's hearing sensitivity.

Jersey cows were subjected to fright stimuli caused by exploding paper bags every few seconds for two minutes which resulted in an immediate cessation of milk ejection.

The subjects were comfortably seated and most of them (except the psychotic cases) read books or magazines throughout the noise period.

The United Nations may aid in world wide agreement on noise abatement.

Reactions of sheep and horses to sonic booms were slight.

Sound and other forms of stress have been shown to retard interferon production.

Boars and sows were almost entirely indifferent to loud sounds during mating.

The body is physiologically responsive to stimulation of the auditory nerve by sound even during sleep, under anaesthesia and, indeed, even after the cerebral hemispheres have been removed.

The Bose Acoustic Wave Cannon
Scott B.

Milk and Cheese: Noise! [148k]
Evan D.

Please Pass the Science: Potatoes
Scott B.