Macros: Your Affordable Non-Emergency Response Service.

Macros2000 was a magazine that was issued between sometime 1993 to June 25 2002. The first three "issues" were contained within issues of X Magazine #11, #12, and #13. The archived domain is available here.

The Macros book, a compendium of all of the macros shown within the magazines, new/updated macros, and assorted other macros clutter, was released in a boutique electronic format 2020 November 23 and will be available for sale in early 2021. A printed version will theoretically be available at the end of 2021.

The book notes page has a large amount of links to videos/etc for the macro entries listed in the book.

Situational updates to contributors, potential purchasers, legal entities, etc., will appear here as warranted. Here's one now!

2020nov23. There was a one-off footnote error with the production release PDF. It has been corrected as of 925pm Pacific Time.