Man, I love a good rant.  Ask anybody.  At any given time, I'm obsessing on at least a couple of things, usually because they're pissing me off, so occasionally I'll vent some bile onto this very page.  Also, if you care to email me a good tirade, I'll hang it up here (giving due credit of course).
Disclaimer: Each opinion expressed here is solely that of its author.  If you don't like what you're reading, stop reading it, or better yet, email an intelligent response.  I built a website for my entertainment, not necessarily yours.  That said, enjoy some ravings of madmen.

If you're obsessive and want to work in nearly-chronological order: Start from top left and go across, then down.

Herd Mentality Mainstream?
Gun Control Good to be Alive...
Septuplets Pecker-Cam!
Nation of retards! Kids Killing Kids
Septuplet Update! Recycling?
Retard Update! WORSE than Septuplets!
Pro Athletes are SHIT.  

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