Ravings of Madmen

Spanky writes in response to Gallstone #11:

Damn those fuckin' bastards for tryin' to ream your wallet and gastank
a new hole! Those fuckers!!! It's to bad you and I aren't connected(if
you know what I mean); MM & Co. would be doin' a free show so as to
fend off a pending dirt nap!!! Those moneycunts should be kissing and
polishing your ass and the ass of every other hard-working stiff who
shell out well-earned bucks so they can buy houses in Beverley Hills
and the Carribean Islands, getting shit-faced & fucked-up on heroin!!
Yeah, I talkin' 'bout you Streisand!! Montserrat was payback, baby!!
If I were you, I'd class action those fucks until you're satisfied; and
that goes for the ticket agency too!! It's time for the hard working
public to go Joe Pesci on these assholes and show them what talent is
all about!!!

X's & O's,

TomCat aka Spanky

Sometimes, it's refreshing not to be the extremist in the group.

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