Ravings of Madmen

April 9, 1998- Those septuplets are starting to bug me, man.  You know the ones I mean.  The whole family was the subject of a one-hour ABC special last night.  I have never seen more selfish parents in my life.  They burbled on and on about how this is *God's will*, they fought to keep all seven babies against all odds and against all medical advice, and the babies are all OK, because of their faith in God and Jesus...
For starters, their faith in *God's will* has nothing to do with this pregnancy.  She got pregnant after taking drugs which alter her ovulation mechanism.  The woman is not fertile unless she gulps down these pills...this does not sound like the will of God, it sounds like modern pharmaceuticals at work.  God's will, apparently, was for the couple to be childless.  So *God's will* is out the window from the start.
So, she had a baby before with the stuff...lots of people want to have babies and I can't fault them for that.  But now, we want MORE babies...that one was nice, I want MORE...well, you give people an inch, and look what happens.
Now, come to find out, honey, I'm pregnant, but LOOK! It's a multiple conception, just like the doctors warned us might happen. OOOOOHHHH...even more babies!  Seven?   A world record?  You want me to be on Tee-Veee?  This is so great!
Meanwhile, doctors are telling her that she will never be able to carry seven babies to term, maybe a little selective reduction to say, triplets or quads.  Miss, you are endangering all the fetuses and yourself by carrying all seven.  I don't care- I want my babies! And besides, it's *God's will* for me to have these babies.  My, madam, what a profound sense of entitlement you have!
This megalomania is fueled by incredible media hype, cash, clothing donations, a new van for Christ's sake, the WHOLE WORLD is just dizzy with delight that this lower-middle-class white couple is going to have seven babies that they can't possibly raise by themselves. Their church organized round-the-clock support for the family.  How nice. When poor black people have too many children and have to rely on others for support, they are labeled welfare whores and fuckups.  When poor white people do the same thing, only worse, they're heroes!  Hooray for the white people that had way too many babies!  Let's give them money and love and support, hell, let's build them a whole new HOUSE!
In a maneuver that approaches pathological stupidity, the parents refused nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS offered to them for some exclusive newborn pics. 
Think about this- we're talking about seven healthy college funds here, for a few photos.  I guess this kind of money is trivial if the rest of the world is already feeding your kids, and giving you cars and houses, so you can afford to climb into the pulpit and tell us how you don't want your kids to be little media whores.  News flash- it's too late to stop that from happening.  Your attitude just cost your kids A MILLION DOLLARS!  I don't want to be you when those seven kids start learning what money means.  They may get the feeling that Mom and Pop screwed them out of a million bucks, especially since their faces are on every magazine in the world anyway.
OK, to recap, it is apparently *God's will* that an infertile couple has eight children, and that the world makes heroes out of them, and that the world is supporting them, because Mom & Dad have taken on more responsibility than they can ever handle, taken abominable risks with the lives & futures of their own children, and stood back for the world to watch and cheer.
People say God watches fools and children.  Maybe he just wanted a bunch of them under the same roof, so he could watch them more closely.

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