Ravings of Madmen

I hate alternative music. I even hate that term, because Big Music invented it to make you feel better about buying their garbage.  Yeah, bad news, kids- *alternative* is just a branch of *mainstream*. For example, you're not exactly thumbing your nose at Corporate Music when you buy an Alanis Morrissette CD. Alanis is owned & operated by Maverick Records, which is owned & operated by Madonna, who is owned & operated by Warner Bros. Dave Matthews? His paycheck is signed by RCA Records. The wacky, irreverent Presidents of the USA? Their office is at Columbia Records. Catch my drift? "Alternative" is only a better-marketed alternative to thoughtful, interesting music. It's NOT an alternative to soul-free, mindless, mass-marketed drivel, because it IS soul-free, mindless, mass-marketed drivel.
I think the world is speckled with intelligent thoughtful people whose voice will never be heard outside their circle of friends, because John Q. Public doesn't give a shit.  Most folks seem content to read Stephen King and watch Gilligan's Island reruns and listen to Pearl Jam, or Coolio, or Yanni, or whatever your 'people' are supposed to listen to.  I think people who are complacent deserve what they get- a boring life (and my contempt). The world is full of interesting things but you have to look for them. If you take what's spoon-fed to you all day, you pretty much get strained carrots and chicken paste. Choke on it. 

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