Ravings of Madmen

12/23/98- More multiple births!

 When will it END?

 A Nigerian couple in Texas had octuplets, and they, too, have become celebrities. In my original rant about those annoying septuplets, I predicted that if a black couple had a shitload of babies, they wouldn't get the same admiration as the illiterate white couple. Sure enough, they're getting some media buzz, but CNN reported today that there's a sense of disappointment.  Unlike the septuplets, the octuplets are recieving 'only a trickle' of donations.
  Upset by their low market share, the parents have hired the same media agent that the septuplets have!  This is no joke, mom and dad hired an AGENT to solicit more free shit from the rest of us!  Even more outlandish, now there's an agent who specializes in multiple-birth families!  I thought millionaire athletes were a sign of the apocalypse, but it's just the tip of the iceberg, apparently.  Stop the madness!

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