Ravings of Madmen

Pecker-Cam!  I was taking a leak the other day, and it was one of those urinals that flushes automatically when you're done.  On the front, where there once was a handle, is a dark lens covering some sort of sensor.  I started thinking, what if it's NOT a sensor...what if it's a camera?  There's somebody, somewhere, collecting endless images of peckers (you couldn't ask for a better camera angle).  There could be this huge secret project, documenting penis size, brand of underwear, God knows what.
The toilet flushes because the person watching makes it flush when you're done, not because of a little sensor.  When it doesn't flush...broken sensor?  No way! The guy watching is asleep, or taking a break, or checking out someone with better equipment.  Sit-down toilets have this same auto-flush feature, but I think the cameras would get a different view... that could be a hole separate conspiracy!  Somebody is watching you!  Now I always wave at the little hidden camera when I pee.  I want them to know that I'm onto their little game. Note- Don't read this if you are really high and prone to paranoia. Maybe I should have said that first ...

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