Ravings of Madmen

First off, I want to blow off some steam about the herd mentality.  I get heavily annoyed with the mindlessness of cultural mob-rule.  I think that larger and larger groups display lower and lower intelligence and passion.  Americans are a large group, though not the largest.  Being classic overachievers, however, we outshine everyone else in stupidity and apathy.
At one extreme, look at our treatment of that hapless tub, Richard Jewell.  The FBI questions him, and the media immediately goes apeshit to get the dirt.  He got fired once, he lives with his mom, all kinds of irrelevant bullshit, adding up to the manufacture of consent for his prosecution and conviction.  Hey, somebody bombed the Olympics, we gotta have a bad guy.  Get that fat dude!  He even LOOKS guilty!  This'll be EASY!
At the other extreme is gin-blossomed hillbilly Bubba Clinton.  Accused in 1992 of carrying on with Gennifer Flowers, he adamantly denied all involvement.  Repeatedly.  Unequivocally.  Now, in 1998, while being deposed for allegedly parking his thing in a new garage, he admits to deflowering Flowers. When asked about the discrepancy, press secretary Michael McCurry coolly explains that the two statements are not at odds with one another, next question please.  Wait a minute- the two statements are not at odds with one another?  Here's the two statements-
1992- Bill Clinton denies any involvement w/ Gennifer Flowers
1998- Bill Clinton admits his involvement w/ Gennifer Flowers
Suffice to say, I am at a loss to understand McCurry's assertion.  Never mind Bubba's guilt or innocence; in fact, tapes have surfaced of Bubba explaining to Flowers how to handle the media (deny everything, blame a Republican, etc.).  He did it (her), and lied about it, and coached his cohort to lie also.
The big pisser for me is that we behave like desperate idiots, struggling to believe whatever makes us most comfortable.  The fat lonely guy must be a sick homespun terrorist, and our President surely isn't stuffing the Executive sausage into anyone but Hillary.  We wanted so badly to believe these things, that we ate them up when someone fed them to us. mmmmm...fluff.
Sorry, the simple truths are these- Our President lies like a sick dog and gets a lot of strange- isn't that what scumbags do? And the FBI not only derided their best witness in the case, they never figured out who set off a bomb in Atlanta. The fat guy (who we laughed at for a year) really did run around trying to help injured people after the bomb went off- isn't that what heroes do?  We have interesting ways of treating our heroes, and our scumbags.

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