Ravings of Madmen

"Steve" writes in response to Gallstone #12:

I figured you'd have something to say about this tragedy. I would like to bounce these ideas off you....
First, when you were the target of the jocks, you retaliated by...."vandalism".....what no access to a shotgun or pipebomb? In my days of street racing, people got pissed and words were exchanged....now it's gunfire. To say to the parents of the victims in CO.,"...sorry Mr Jones, but those jocks are to blame" just doesn't fly. As a highly educated person (you, not me), what is common thread now with the massive increase in violent behaivor in both our youth and with the adults? When I was younger, it was easier to obtain weapons (hell, dad had a closet full). Can we say with a straight face, that__________(pick your favorite band, movie, game, etc) unduly influenced _________(pick your favorite psycho) into acts of violence? So what is the cause? Parents? Probably...Jerry Stringer?....'nuff said.
I find no fault with pro athletes....they are a product of our eagerness to dream, to escape the lives we made for ourselves. A few make poor role models true, and most make an obscene amount of money. But they are entertainers, first and foremost. They are here to entertain us, just like musicians, movie/tv stars, et al. To say they are all drug abusing, women abusing, un-educated criminal types, is a gross mistatement. You can't hate jocks, because they are good at what they do. You can't hate them for making a ton of money doing what they do best. You can hate the minority of them (always a high profile minority) for being basicaly fucked up humans, with no values and being lousy role models, and you can hate the media for glorifing the bad in all situations.
The masses (whether right or wrong) all suffer from the "tragic car crash" syndrome, where we all just find ourselves staring at it. People bitched about the fuck-up who shot himself on the freeway, and the news showed it. I guess it is real hard to use that remote! We all have our escapisms, I like reading, watching NASCAR, NHRA, and CART and farting--simple pleasures sure, but they're mine. Obviously there are those who like watching the worst in humans (FOX makes a killing on those people), I guess it makes them feel...........oops, I'm ranting with out a license, sorry. Don Henley says it best in his song "Get Over It"....


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