Ravings of Madmen
Gun control means hitting your target.  I saw that quip on a bumper sticker a long time ago, and you hear it a lot from folks in gun shops.  It's not really all that funny, but I like it.  That's about all the gun control I believe I need, thank you.
I look at the Bill of Rights, and to me they're also a Bill of Responsibilities.  You have the right the speak your mind, the right to defend yourself against the tyranny of your own government, and so on.  If you don't exercise your rights, they mean nothing.  I keep and bear arms for several reasons, but primarily because I can.  The same reason I'm shooting my mouth off right here.  Because I can.  Exercising my rights keeps them strong.  Otherwise, they get flabby like unused muscle.  Then some idiot comes along to trim away the fat, and oops- you lost your right, because you never used it.
Gun control operations often 'accuse' the NRA of being the nation's largest political lobby, as if somehow that makes the NRA bad. Hey, wake up: the simple fact that the NRA is huge should tell you something- a hell of a lot of people value the second amendment. I think the NRA is often as silly and dangerous as the gun-control lobby, but I am an NRA member because I want my vote cast on their side of the debate.
Back to the Bill of Responsibilities- I take gun ownership seriously, and I wish more people would do the same.  I'm not a cowboy, or a Nazi, or a criminal, or a lunatic. None of the stereotypes that guncontrolllers would like you to accept.  I'm a smart guy, who lives in an unusually free country, who accepts the responsibility of having guns in the house.  I shoot them, I clean them, I know how they work, and I respect their sobering capacity to kill.  My government gives me the freedom to protect myself and my home, and I would feel foolish if I didn't step up to the plate and accept the responsibility.

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