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Septuplets Update!  They're still pissing me off, if you just want the punchline. Read on for the full rant...
They were on TV again last night (11/19/98), in a special 'news feature' celebrating their first birthday. Hey, so what?  Here's what I got out of this fascinating, in-depth piece of journalism.
The mom is pretty busy, but again, so what?  People working two jobs are busy, too, and they signed up for it, just like she did.  They don't get or deserve my pity, and neither does mom.  At least people with two jobs are conributing something to the local economy.  All this couple have contributed is a batch of seven parasites, trained from the get-go to believe that someone will always be there helping them out with free cars/food/daycare.
Life will get ugly for these kids the day they're not cute anymore, and the world abandons them like so many child TV stars.  I just hope for their sakes that they're old enough to flip burgers by then, because mom and dad will still be summarily unable to provide even a poverty-level existence for them.
Dad is as dumb as ever, laughing and scratching his way through interview small-talk.  At some point it was mentioned that dear old dad still has trouble with the kids' names. OK, there's seven of them and all, but really, after a year he has trouble with the names of his children? He's had fifty days to figure out the name of each child!  He also probably helped with their names in the first place!  Doofus maximus.
Also disconcerting is that mom still has a mouthful of green shards for teeth.  I think they're actually much worse than last year.  What beautiful role-modeling!
"Hey, I'm not gonna brush my teeth- I'm too busy tryin' to get pregnant!  Momma din' have no teeth, and she had EIGHT babies!  When I have MY eight babies, we're gonna get a free new car, and well, heck, somebody'll be there to help us feed 'em and such..."
If we can learn such heinous behavior as drug and child abuse from our parents, I shudder to think what values these kids will be picking up at home.

Like BigRig Brody said-

"When did mindless over-population become cool?"

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