awwwww, yeah.

This is Dr. Cliff's bitchin' new weblog. Less filling!

It is new & experimental, like a Catholic-school girl.

If you don't know why you're here, get the fuck out. Otherwise,

welcome, fans!

Bookmark this page for continuously updated updates on exciting update updates. Updated regularly. Update.

may 2001- return of blog. also upadted, revamped Shit List. yay! New, improved shit.

sometime in June 2000- blog abandoned due to slack. plenty of new thingies; just look around.

may 20. More Bug Safari!

may18. Brand new entertainment value at NO EXTRA CHARGE! Penny-smashin'!

apr08. A furious burst of output from Dr. Cliff!

apr06. Fresh, pesticide-free Burning Question? right out of the chute. POW!

nov23. Feeling alone in this big ol' world? Need a little direction? Pooter is here to help!

nov04. Please to announcing a return of Burning Question? and thank you, yes.

oct28. Long-awaited, low-fat-but-still-satisfying 'Q&A' with Tura Satana!
Get yours TODAY!

oct11. The lowest of low-brow, unearthed for your inspection.
Much new roadkill, all photographed in one long Texas-drivin' day.
Cletus the Bug. Cletus is a superstar insect, he is.
Uploading of Deliberate Fabrications has begun. View at will. That is all.

oct06. I'm interviewing the Buxotic Tura Satana as we speak. It should show up in the basement shortly. Nothing else to report.

oct06. automotic sexpot high-tech new weblog.

08 Sept 1999- Just back from BurningMan99. Much fun, Gallstone soon, Rubber Indian Project starting up.

20 Aug 1999- Rubber Indian Project, more mailbag.

08 Aug 1999- New mailbag, more namegame.

01 Aug 1999- Namegame! finally back in operation.

15 Jul 1999- Archive of previous Gallstones put online.

09 Jul 1999- Site moved to Lots of new thingies, completely new navigation.

03 Feb 1999- Many Pages Updated using HTML Tables for better layout control. This page is the simplest- one row, one column. Tell me what you think.

01 Feb 1999- 'Gallstones' added. Now subscribers can get my ramblings stuffed directly into their emailboxes, free of charge.

20 Jan 1999- More snippets posted. Also having an adventure with the person who keeps wrecking my guestbook.

14 Jan 1999- First day of the impeachment trial. "et tu, Bubba?" posted.

02 Jan 1999- Exciting new interactive feature... The Burning Question!

25 Dec 1998- encounter with Arthur Blessitt

23 Dec 1998- Someone stole my toolchest- which will cost well over $1000 to replace- right out of my own (locked) garage. And people wonder why I'm so bitter.

21 Dec 1998- I created this lovely page, where I can post updates and whatever else I feel like.

21 Dec 1998- Tech Support started. Common household devices being destroyed, with running commentary on the 'repair' process.  Deadpan humor; I fully expect someone to email me, pissed off because they took a knife to their subwoofer. 'hey you told me to!'  I can't wait. har!

20 Dec 1998- Front page updated. Third year in a row we got drunk at the Beverly Center and sat on Santa's lap.

18 Dec 1998- Interview section added. I want to post an occasional dialog with someone interesting here. First up is Dr. Ducky DooLittle, who is many things, including interesting.

13 December 1998- Encounter w/Rat Fink!

24 Nov 1998- Got engaged to the girlfriend. Happy happy day for all involved.

Before the above date, I don't remember when I did what. If it's important to you, YOU figure it out.

June 1997- Website started. One page with six stupid links.

This is the end of Dr. Cliff's weblog! Now get your ass back to the front door.