dr. cliff meets the rat fink!
Mooneyes usa held their rat-fink reunion December 13, 1998. Promised attendees included Robert Williams, Coop, von Franco, and Big Daddy Ed Roth himself.  How could I NOT go?  There was loads of free chow, cool cars, and a tittie-bar right across the street.  For christ's sake, this was a gearhead's dream day.  You bet your ass I was there.
A car was volunteered as a striping canvas, a cool-looking Bel-Air, I think.  Then the boys started having their way with her...
First, Roth made a quick little squiggly on the decklid...
and the crowd went 'oooooohhhh'.
big daddy
Then he looked at it, frowned, and wiped it off with a rag and some thinner...
and the crowd went 'aaaaaaaawwww'.
Then he made a careful, beautiful little trim piece...
and the crowd was again impressed.
I grabbed a pic with Big Daddy while I was buying a shirt.  He was a friendly guy with an impressive presence, this old man.  There were several Roth-made cars on hand, in various states of restoration or decay.  I kept looking at him, looking at the cars, thinking, man!, he BUILT those things!  I couldn't help but be impressed, meeting the Rat Fink himself.  I forgot to ask him if I could be his dentist- shit!

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