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Pig Parts: The Arizona State Fair 2004 (page 7 of 7).

Interesting cake mold.

interesting cake mold

This would be a good cake mold to pour colored icing down from the top. I mean, if you plugged the top up with more cake. MORE CAKE

Jam cookies.

jam cookies

Cookies with jam jammed into 'em. I've had these before. Also note: soaked doily.

Kisses cookies.

hershey kisses cookies

My mom made these for us many times.

Pass the fake sausage.


This is a cake that simulates a typical American breakfast. Meat for breakfast has always thrown me for a loop.

Tri-colored cake supreme.


This is a fun cake (created by Darlene Spencer).

And that was the end of our state fair experience. The girlfriend was so tired she was propped up in my arms as we made our way to the closest shuttle stop at one end of the fair only to be told that the shuttle didn't stop there and we had to go back through the entire fair to get to the correct stop. We finally got there, the proper bus wasn't even labelled and I've been less confused travelling around Southeast Asia. So we got on the free bus back to the free parking and enjoyed free "soft rock" cranking out through our own personal free ceiling-mounted speaker that you couldn't turn down or off and now it's FUCKING PHIL COLLINS.