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party poker


Pig Parts: The Arizona State Fair 2004 (page 2 of 7).

Construction paper cityscape.

Construction paper cityscape

Again, this piece (by Audrey Wong) has some nice colors and the additional shadowed skyscraper background is a sweet detail. Also both my girlfriend and I independently found the round windows to be most excellent.

More reading of the Guide. "If your car has been towed, contact Guest Services at the SW corner of the Coliseum." Towing is but one of the many friendly services we offer you, our guest.



There were a few pottery pieces but most were hard to photograph, as they were under glass. This one (by Matchera Sammtha (?), 12th grade) was my favorite.

I'm thinking of all the pieces of pottery I created in school (dice, ashtray, tiny indeterminate animal with three legs, etc). Now I have wisely stopped thinking about them.

Dog parts drawing.

Dog parts drawing by 4-H member

I am coming up with exciting new names for dog parts. The schmeer. The preservaline. The mysterious tenth leg. Hammocks. Googly eyes. Polyurethane topcoat. Will O' The Wisps. Fred. The zanzibar. The right about there.

Sheep shearing demonstration.

Sheep shearing demonstration

I wait, patiently. You will make the wrong move. Then, we clash. I will triumph. Then I will scramble to the food area, eat a bunch of cotton candy and totally sugar-rush freak out in the midway.

You paid for this goat, America! Enjoy the goat!

Subsidized mohair owner

There was an instructional pamphlet on the cage speaking of the many wonders of mohair but I didn't notice any discussion of the subsidies farmers receive to create this theoretically sought-after product.

Sensitive sink.

sink sign

A good policy, whether at the state fair or at home.

Many rabbits in cages.

Many rabbits in cages

So many rabbits to pet even though the signs say not to pet. Must control ... petting ...

Tired rabbit.

tired rabbit

A tired rabbit.

Dutch rabbit attempts mind-control.

bnw Dutch rabbit

This Dutch rabbit uses its coat to create the illusion of a floating pair of scissors as camoflauge. I was not fooled. Wait ... are those scissors? I've been looking for those ...

Brown rabbit.

Brown rabbit

This rabbit has a nice non-scissors coat. Also the extra fold underneath his chin makes him look like a young, stately Abe Lincoln. "At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from a broad." -- Lincoln's Broads Address, 1932

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