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party poker


Pig Parts: The Arizona State Fair 2004 (page 3 of 7).

Furious Bun-E throw-down.

Bowed rabbit

I believe there's a tiny microphone somewhere in that fluff ball and the rabbit is in the process of "throwing down."

All Ticky-Tacky.

Rabbit cages

This looked like a rabbit production line to me. "All we gotta do rightcheer is clear-coat these babies and get'm on the trucks, ship 'em off to the public."

Grey rabbit.

Grey rabbit

This is a grey rabbit.

The melding of animals and technology ON THE MARCH!


This year's cattle display was a little bit different, because farmers are feeling confident enough about their new freakish hybrid brands to show them off in public. Here you see a crowd favorite, Cowfan®, the cunning combination of a cow and a fan. Turn this way, Cowfan®! Ahhhhhhhhh.

No-headed two cow hybrid.

Adolf Reltih

Another cutting-edge cattle scientist (or "cattleientist") has cut hay consumption down 100% by simply joining two cows at the neck. No heads = no eatin'!

Please disturb my Eustachian tuber.

Sheep parts drawing by 4-H member

People pay good money to be hurled into the air in various manners. On this ride you're strapped in and your legs dangle from the chair. Then the thing spins around. I got dizzy just watching it. Let's quickly run to the baked goods and not look back over our shoulder.

Poignant message cake.

Poignant message cake

We could all do ... each other? Best I could come up with on short notice.

Armadillo cookies.

Armadillo cookies

Do upstanding Americans still craft exquisite armadillo hats? I saw a documentary from the 50s in which a nuclear housewife was exploring the amazing world of armadillo hats and baskets. So deliciously morbid whereas these cookies (created by Robin Stockton) are just delicious. Not that I would know, everything's under glass and slowly deteriorating. Are those blueberries in the muffins in back, or developing mold spores? Delicious.

When the armadillo went to a new school, all the kids teased him by calling him "Armadildo." Kids are so cruel.



At the state fair, children are wheeled to each food trailer. "Please mother, another brick of curly fries. This time I will split it with the others, I swear this to be true."

The bouncing thing.

Bouncing kid

This contraption throws you up in the air and then you come down and then back up etc. The kid strapped in was squealing with delight.

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