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Hula Girl Brand Honey.

We got one of these and put it in the refrigerator and at some point the side cracked open and about 1/3rd of the honey dripped out onto the shelf and all the other five million condiments we have that we never use. It was a big crack. Also the honey got all over the hula skirt. Watch out for these trick containers.

Foremost Orange Sherbet ice cream.

"Okay, I want you to re-design our product line ... but it still has to look like it's from the '60s."

Foremost Pineapple (FLAVORED) Sherbet ice cream.

That box end makes this photo look almost 3D. Please do not stare too long at the ice cream product. Thank you.

Big Dip Frosty Malt Chocolate Low Fat ice cream.

Dip into the BIG DIP. C'mon, it's low fat! Have two, three. Five. Have five.

Binggrae Melona Banana Flavored Ice Bar.

"Dude, I totally got Melona!"
"Dude ... did you stay out in the sun too long?"

Royal Feast Frozen Chicken Parts: Thighs.

Mmmmmm ... retained water ...

MidPac Sauces: Various.

I love the two-tone backgrounds.

Haleakala Dairy Passion Orange Guava Drink.

POG ... POG ... yeah, whatever happened to POGs? Also, the last thing I want to see is a pineapple mass making a "hang loose" sign at me.

Love's Kid's Choice Special Formula Variety White Bread.

Trick bread. Looks white, actually is nutritionally equivalent to wheat, according to the label. Fool your friends.

Hawaiian Sun Jam: Various.

All of these fruits get together and JAM!

I got nothing.

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