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Milkman Instant LowFat Dry Milk.

I think some of us can remember how great powdered milk tastes. Even with the "kiss of cream," whatever that is.

"Okay, now make the kid have an overbite ... yeah, yeah ... okay, now she's really really close to the glass like she doesn't even realize someone's pouring milk into it ..."

Early Dawn Mackerel.

It's easy to screw up colors.

Chicken of the Sea Jack Mackerel.

"Jack Mackerel" would be a good pseudonym.

Sea Alaska Salmon.

I will use this as another alias. "Fancy Sockeye."

Family Mackerel.

The type treatment amuses me. "They're a clan of detectives ready to take on the world. FAMILY: MACKEREL."

A1 Cuttle Fish.

Cuttlefish. Unloved because they are ugly. Eat them all so they disappear from the earth and we no longer have to avert our eyes.

Coral Hawaiian Brand Ahi Tuna Chunk Light Tuna In Oil.

Check that price out. I just buy six-year old cat food, it's much cheaper.

Shirakiku Sardines.

The sardines swim upstream through a river of tomatoes and hot, dangerous chilis.

Van Camp's Samoa Packing Chunk Style Wahoo.

As we eat our way through the fish genera, more and more awesomely-named fish will belly their way up to our collective fish-loving plates. Wahoo!

Long Life Sardines.

Are these very old sardines, or sardines that are still alive in the can, or will sardines bless upon their consumer a long life? Shoulda asked someone while I was in Malaysia.

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