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Wing Plum Sauce.

Note the descriptive label: "DARK-BROWN PLUM SAUCE." Sell it, Wing, sell it.

Cake Mate Letters.

Sure, you can buy these anywhere. But can you have two friends who buy them and then eat them straight from the package? I know I can. Can you look at them weird? "HAPPINESS IS LETTER INDUCED SUGAR RUSH 10 11!" Not enough "R"s.

Shirakiku Sukiyaki No Tomo.

Glad I don't have to spell that with sugary letters.

Family Bamboo Shoots.

The family that shoots bamboo together stays together.

Hamanako Broiled Eels.

I like eels. Cooked in a little toaster oven at my local sushi joint. Not crammed into a little can all squishy. 'Cause you know it is.

Tancho Vegetable Chypre Rose Pomeade.

Tancho. TANCHO.

Refrigerated Leis.

Refrigerated leis are available all over the place. You give them to people when you visit them. If you don't have time to make your own, you buy one. I think that's how it works.

Coffee Rio Kona Blend Coffee Candy.

Kona coffee is only made on the islands. It is very expensive. If someone asks you to get them some Kona coffee, may I suggest sending them some of this instead? "They were ... out. But look ... even better. Coffee candy."

If you squint your eyes just right it looks like Kenny from South Park.

Bloonies Internal Organ Inflation Device.

Each Baloonies pack comes with a set of internal organs which you can then inflate and then you will have inflated them. Be the life of the party. "Look gram'm'ma, a liver!" [squeals]

Saloon Pilot Crackers.

This is some kind of word-association game I'm not privy to.

"Clown." "Pain."
"Duck." "Awww."
"Saloon." "Pilot. What else would it be?"

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