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Arizona Deep-Fried State Fair (4).

Piggly BBQ trailer

Piggly's BBQ & Grill was clearly the nucleus of the food-money exchange universe. As you can see, the turkey legs they were offering up were not only juicy, they were P H A DOUBLE T "phatt." How much meat? ONE AND HALF POUNDS OF MEAT. Let's think about that awhile. Wasn't a "Quarter Pounder" a big deal awhile ago? Well, your phatt turkey leg is six Quarter Pounders, minus the bread, of course, and maybe they're including the bone in the total weight figure, so let's say five Quarter Pounders. Pounder. Man, whoever started that trend, tacking on the "er" to "pound" ... wow. Someone with vision, right there. Anyway, I saw people walking around with these things, and a lot of these people weren't sharing it with say, an extended family, anyone within chomping range, stray dogs, etc. They were PHATT loners.

Piggly BBQ trailer

Who exactly needs a wimpy 1/2 pound hamburger or Polish dog? Do not be foolish, arm yourself for future battle with TURKEY PHATT.

Let's all be Piggly pigs together. Here, have another phatt leg.

Hoggly Fries etc

Those are the serving sizes of the Hoggly Fries, Piggly Fries, Zakkly's Zucchini, Chililly Cheesely Pigglys, etcly...

Piggly's BBQ Crew

The Piggly BBQ Huddle. Churning out the PHATT takes a lot of help, but everyone's working in these tight little spaces, it's cute. This isn't even the entire crew. Also please note the large drink containers. Remember when various brown carbonated fluids were sold in six-ounce glass bottles? Boy, what we thinking then.

I unfortunately did not get any photos of the three-foot-long bong-like cola-infused funnels (I don't know what these things are called, big bulb at the bottom, funnel-type thing at the top, long straight channel in between, normally holds beer) that people had hanging around their neck, sipping from them via an attached straw. Sort of like a water backpack, but way more inconvenient and water is so tasteless. Baby want sugar drink! BABY WANT SUGAR [SFX: violence]

Teriyaki House

There is absolutely nothing in that "Teriyaki House" glass case. It's one of those things I meant to inspect more closely, but the sun was going down and the food trailers all looked so beautiful.

Hot Dog On A Stick

Hot Dog On A Stick. "If it's deep fried and on a stick, we have it at the Arizona State Fair." That's from the opening remarks of Gary D. Montgomery, C.F.E., the Executive Director of the Arizona State Fair, on page five of the Arizona State Fair Official Souvenir Program. Reach for the stars, Gary D.C.F.E. Reach for the stars.

Corn Dog close-up

Corn dog ... corn dog.

Frilly Fries

I like the guy on the left with the hogwashers. I would have taken photos of people but then that would have meant I couldn't crack three digits with food trailers. I need to fake-learn another language so I can walk directly up to people and say "Me take pitch-ure?" and then they're all like "SHORE! WHERE YOU FROM MISTER, YOU AIN'T FROM FRANCELAND ARE YA NOW?"

Texas Donut trailer

TEXAS DONUT. In addtion to the TEXAS DONUT, TEXAS DONUT is the "HOME OF THE DEEP-FRIED SNICKERS BAR." That's one for the courts to decide, really. Child protection services.

Texas Donut ZOOOM

TEXAS DONUT. Another carnival food thing: "WHILE YOU WATCH." It's like porn. "Oh yeah baby ... roll in that sugar."

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