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Arizona Deep-Fried State Fair (3).

baby chicks

Baby chicks. Soon they will grow up to be the chickens and roosters of the future. Did you know that roosters crow all sorts of times of day and night? My next door neighbor is raising poultry, did you know that? [FX: eye twitches madly]


Most of the cattle were tied to the wall with very short pieces of rope. It wasn't like in California when one of the cows started licking my friend's shirt. Oh yeah, those were the cow shirt-licking days, I tell you what.

contented goat

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... sobering up ... I'm still in this freakin' diorama?"

food with ribbons

The glass cabinets had very sturdy locks.

cactus cake

These are all cake items. Unfortunately, by the end of the fair, I'm sure they're hard as rocks. There were some strawberry tarts with the beginnings of mold on them, and the fair continued for another two weeks. *GRAND PRIZE*!!!! ... SECOND PRIZE! THIRD PRIZE. Participant. Garbage.

carnival food trailer

Oh, now you're in for a treat. FIVE MILLION PHOTOS OF CARNIVAL FOOD TRAILERS GO!!!!! I may be a little quieter in this section because I'm being all reverent and stuff. There's a nice shark up top there, but it sort of got lost in the noise.

And I suppose that's a big part of why I'm fascinated by these things. The noise, the visual cacophony. It's like being slugged in the face, and who doesn't like that? Though this one was a little mild. Your basic upper-class food trailer.

Also please note the Carved Sign Hut immediately behind Mariscos.

So much for that "quiet" theory.

food booth trailer vendor

This is the booth to the left of Mariscos. This means that I have apparently taken photos of every food booth at the state fair. Let's see how that turns out, I couldn't possibly have something to say about every booth there. Perhaps I'll just pad with meta-commentary.

turkey food booth vendor trailer vendor

The girlfriend took this photo. There were a lot of big turkey legs everywhere. Just walking around, attached to people's hands. Also important here is what I like to call Krazy Kerning, though it's not just kerning. It's kerning + rotation + translation which really can be reduced to rotation + translation. Let me draw up a matrix for ya here on this grease-soaked nap-e-kin... [SFX: snoring]

lemonade-shaped food trailer thing

"Hey mister!"
"Did you ever think of squeezing ... yourself?"
"Do you mean me, or the lemon-shaped enclosure I am currently standing in?"
"The lemon-shaped dealie."
"Ah. No."
"Do you mean you've never thought of it, or that you won't do it?"
"Then we are at an impasse."
"Is that enough commentary for this photo?"

orthogonal food vendor trailer pants

Perhaps I will call this section Orthogonal Food Trailers of the Early 21st Century.

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