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Vintage condom package design.

Condoms are cylindrical sheaths used to prevent the transmission of sexually-transmitted diseases between members of the banana family. They are also fractionally amusing when implemented as a comic prop. Condoms, back in the day, came in small tins, three to a pack. If you were feeling particularly sexxxxxy 4x that day, then you and your protuberence pal were out of luck. Unless you went to the local druggist and got more. That's the kind of thing you'd probably do, tiger/ess. Rarrr. Also: "rarrr."

The good people at Morphy Auctions gave me permission to show you these vintage (~1930s-50s) condom package designs. Sometimes I've added commentary. Sometimes I did not. Prices indicate final auction price (March of 2006); if there are two values, it means that there were two auctions with the same name and I can't differentiate. There are about 65 total condom tins. Perhaps alittle while on I will relay to you the Secret of Condom Purchasing which I heard from someone somewhere.

Click. Click on the condoms.