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Trojans condoms ($56).

Trojans condoms ($56)
In the 1983 musical composition “Little Red Corvette,” the song’s narrator indicates that the object of his hectoring (“u”) had “a pocket full of horses ... Trojan, and some of them used.”

Here Mr. Nelson has painted a “lyrical picture” of a woman who’s so busy, distracted, or mentally unstable that she has no time/desire to properly dispose of used condoms.

I am questioning the believability of Mr. Nelson’s fictional character. Specifically the disused condoms part. Even in parks, you will see discarded condoms lying about. Surely people could have carried these condoms to proper receptacles, entailing mere seconds of condom-filled pockets or hands, yet they did not. People just don’t want to be carrying these things around.

Perhaps we are not looking at her motivations properly. Suppose, for a second, that she wants to get pregnant by her lover, but he does not. She walks off with packets of his secret sauce, he is none the wiser. Better hustle, though, she’s got about an hour before those little guys keel over.