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X Magazine 7

X Magazine #7

The Fisher-Price Little People
July 1991

Cover photo
Keira Alexandra
M&Co New York

Cover design
Scott Stowell
M&Co New York

Interview: The KLF
Ernie Longmire

Interview: Evan Dorkin
Mark Simple

Fisher-Price Theatre: Catcher in the Rye [ pg1 pg2 ]
Evan Dorkin

Milk & Cheese: Merv Griffin!
Evan Dorkin


Toys as Psychobaubles
Kathy Cannon

Behold the Little People
Mark Simple

Little Peopleography
Mark Simple

On Campus with the Little People
Scott Berk

Locating the Little People
Mark Simple

Worship the <X>: Stretch 'n Dust
Ray Eifler

Please Pass the Science: Styrofoam
Scott Berk

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