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Food City (3).

shamrock farms ice cream sandwich

This cow rules. It has a pattern of ice cream sammiches right on its flank, there, so you know right there that's an ice-cream sammich-producin' cow.

Well, it's better than saying "nice package design" for the nth time.

Not that I'm hot about the fonts. But the cow rules. Why does the cow rule? Because its eyes are closed, all Mapplethorpey. This way, if the cow actually is psychotic, you'll never know.

You may have also noticed that the "pattern" of ice cream sandwiches remains unbroken as it continues to the left even though the next package is a different ice cream sandwich flavor.

shamrock farms super fudge pops

This cow also has super-powers.

disturbing pig bank

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... sobering up ... I'm still in this freakin' diorama?"

goat milk caramel product

This is some sort of goat-milk caramel product. I'm always happy to see animals giving me the thumbs-up when I want to make an international toll-free call.


YAH! This is the piņata superhero that says "YAH!"


ghost piņata

This is my favorite piņata ever. On the left. The abstract "Seven Party Hats Stuck Together" (right) really doesn't do it for me.

Background: YAH!

beautiful dolphin sculptures for smashing

Dolphin sculptures. There they are.

beautiful angel sculpture also for smashing

Dead child in Heaven sculpture.

donkey milk soap

Donkeys have combination skin, so you have to buy special products for them.

blessed eyeballs

Nothing acts more like a magnet for me than religious iconography on medicinal products. "God has healed me. It is a miracle. But this enrojecimiento stuff helped out as well. God willed it. God manufactured this bottle, printed this label, and trucked the stuff over from California."

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