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Food City (1).

Let's go to Food City. We're all going to Food City. There is a lot of food at Food City. Let's consume Food City.

food city spices

Food City has lots and lots of spices.

food city spices

In Arizona, Mo[h/j]ave is spelled Mohave not Mojave. Unless it's a brand name. That would be my assumption here. Also: parrot spice mascots.

scary pig w/accent


food city

I don't know exactly how to describe this, but now, whenever I'm presented with some absolutely staggering display of mass products, it's sort of like having your breath taken away, but in the sense of suffocation.


Flan. Vanilla is a big seller down in Mexico, because it's much cheaper -- but it's cheaper because it's got propylene glycol in it.

oregon fruit products

Nice package design.

mclean's liniment

This product's label design wraps entirely around the package, as if it was created a long, long time ago. Wait a second, it was [ scrip ]; also the "Mountain Echo Newspaper" from March 19, 1886 featured an advertisement reading thusly: "Children who are troubled with worms are pale in the face, blue rings around their eyes, pick the nose, have variable appetities, are fretful by spells, have bad dreams, are restless in sleep. Dr. J H McLean's Liquid or Candy Vermifuge will kill and expell these troublesome parasites. 25 cents a bottle." I need more information on this product, that's for sure. Pure gum turpentine, doin' big numbers with the turpentine. Sassyfrassy. Oil hemlock? Chlorothymol?

I might have to go back and get me some of that Volcanic Liniment.

The box has a lot of copy on it and according to another website, part of the text reads: "Established in 1841. Dr. J.H. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment (Brand) has for more than 114 years received high endorsement from the public." 1841 + 114 = 1955. So either they haven't bothered to update their design since then, or in 1956 people suddenly were totally not into sassyfrassy.

tortilla ro-bot

Tortilla machine.

Watermelon packing crate with crazy children

A watermelon packing crate. Positively Lynchian.

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