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Food City (2).

homie clowns

Homie clowns. I am quite sure I would never have a clown as a "homie."

spongebob piņata

Spongebob Squished Nose Vacuum Arm Even More Squarepants piņata.

bob the builder piņata

I guess this is supposed to be Bob the Builder. Yeah, I'd bash the shit out of that.

ranch style beans

Nice package design. The face looks a little familiar for some reason.

tranny honey

Tranny Honey.

fleishmann's yeast

I just read something really strange about Fleishmann's, but now I can't recall what it was. [bows]



quaker masa

Back in the early days, the Quakers were all over the masa market. Their dominance continues to this day.

chicken in der biskit

Psychotic product mascot #49721. "I am in a biskit, and I am also going to peck your eyes out."

scoopy's cake cups

You are not my homie. Also: "Cake Cups"? Also: Hobo font. Which is sort of a funny coincidence, because one unloved element of a clown's repertoire is dressing up like a hobo to the amusement of absolutely no one. What's that one dead clown's name? Ned Kelly? Gene Kelly? Ned Beatty. The clown that would sweep up the spot of light. Ned Teddy. Gene Weingarten. Mr. Whiskers. Sammy, the Samuel Clown? Patcho. Accounts Receivable, the Office-Based Clown. Squashy? Macky, the Clown Cab Driver. Jizzles III. Punchy. Klepto? Big Al, the Kiddie's Pal. Jules Verne. Valerie Bertinelli. I'm getting closer, I can tell. Tapeclown. Biffo. Bobby Sweepupthespotlightclown. I give up.

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