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[This is an overview of the rules. The complete set is here.]

The object of the game is to sink all of your balls (solids or stripes). Play proceeds normally, except for, of course, the "at the same time" bit, and the following additional rules:

1.) Any of your balls in play can be used as a special "limited-use" cue ball.

The interesting thing about simultaneous play is that there will be none of that "setting up the shot" nonsense you find in regular pool. You don't have time for that, as the other player is probably lobbing the seven-ball off your port bow in a couple of seconds. What we've discovered is that you really don't have the time to go waltzing over to where your cue ball is, set up the shot, and fire. So we've greatly increased the quantity of cue balls available on the table at any given time. Because these are also the balls you are required to pocket, there is a sub-rule:

a.) You will not be credited for limited-use cue balls shot straight into the pockets.

This is why each of you has a referee. They will be pulling illegally-sank balls out of the pockets, gently reprimanding you, and making side bets. There are actually no "time-outs" and the referee's word is final - try not to select someone with a God complex.

2.) Players are prohibited from hitting rolling balls.

More work for the referees, I'm afraid. Usually the penalty consists of a replacing of a player's sunk ball on the table. Re-positioning of the exact set-up before the illegal play is typically impossible, as the other player has been skittering all over the table during the last few seconds, knocking balls about all over the damned place.

3.) Full-body checking is allowed and encouraged.

Checking is a somewhat useful psychological gambit when your opponent has taken the lead. Using your pool stick as a weapon is definitely frowned upon and you will be severely reprimanded by the referee and/or disqualified. The checking/beating of referees with or without the pool stick is also generally discouraged.

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