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speedpool2: it's blurred because it's FAST, see the two!

2002jan19. Speedpool2 is a revolutionary new and exciting approach to
the classic pool game creating a potent symbiosis fusing the logic
and grace of billiards with the raw bloodsport and confusion of
full-contact hockey.

It is also an outstanding way to get thrown out of bars.

Speedpool2 was spontaneously created by a small group of friends in 1992. It is a two-player game (thus the "2", you see), not a one-player game.

Speedpool2 consists of the following:

2 players
2 referees
7 solid balls (1-7)
7 striped balls (9-15)
2 cue balls (cue ball & 8-ball)
Let's take a look at the table set-up, shall we?

Note: If you have any Speedpool2 experiences and/or photos to share, please drop me a line.

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brought about by the implementation of this information.