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Now, when I say "two-player game", you should understand that play is simultaneous. The image above shows a standard set-up for breaking. Again, by both players, simultaneously. One player uses the eight ball as a cue ball, and the other player, brimming with originality, uses the cue ball as a cue ball (after play begins, players can use either ball). Stripes or solids are picked before the game begins.

You could probably come up with your own alternate opening configurations. Give them stupid names, like "The Belgian", or "Mr. Tiddly's 3D Bank Facade". I call this one "Neutron 3000". One member of our Surreal Sports League came up with a non-symmetrical opening called "The Interceptor", shooting his cue ball directly at the other player's cue ball. The value of this opening has been argued at length.

Players and referees should "pair up" and maintain an adversarial relationship at all times. On to the next page.